The Augmented Doctor
The Augmented Doctor (The DAUGtor) totally fits into the digitalized world of today. It can give a summary of what the leaflet would say with an augmented doctor or display a nice cartoon to support the intake of the medicine for your child and verify the authenticity of your medicine and this all in your living room.
Quick and Easy
Simply, open the app on your mobile and scan the barcode, The Daugtor will tell you all you need to know.
PDF Document Download this product description for all features and how as a product license holder can easily set this up.
Clear description of the medicine
Gives you the clear description of what you need to know about the medicines in hand, like what the pills are for, how it should be taken, expiry dates and much more.
Extracts additional information
From the data matrix it extracts additional information and displays this on the screen. This can be product name, expiry date or other information that can be easily configured. Think about an e-leaflet link or other important information like the history of a serial number.
A link to additional services
Provides a link to additional services. This will direct you to the most up-to-date information from drug manufacturing companies.
Supports for standards such as GS1 Digital Link. (opportunity for using a single barcode to access digital information about the product)